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Greg Cotter

Lead Pastor

(334) 488-0904

What a blessing it is for me to serve as pastor of such an incredible church family as Bethany Baptist Church.  Together, as we trust God for a bright future, we can cling to the principles that guided this great church through its history of ministry to the New Brockton, Alabama area.
Many wonderful volunteers have taught the Scriptures and served God in all areas of ministry, and continue to do so.  

I am blessed to follow a long lineage of pastors who have led Bethany Baptist Church with vision.  It is my privilege to continue to build upon the foundation these men of God have laid.  
Our true passion at Bethany Baptist Church is to see people embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and grow into spiritual mature followers of Christ.  Nothing gives a church a spirit of life more than seeing others find "new life" in Christ Jesus and become obedient disciples of His.  
I am convinced that the attraction of Bethany Baptist Church to its community, and surrounding ministry area, is that we truly love each other and do our very best to minister to each other's needs as brothers and sisters in Christ.  
I look forward to serving with the wonderful people of Bethany Baptist Church as long as the Lord leads, or until He returns. Until then, May God bless you is my prayer.


Corbin Griffin
Youth/Assoc. Pastor
(334) 379-1014


Paula McCullough


(334) 894-2344


Kim Mitchell


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